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All types of Wallpapering undertaken.  We can hang wallpaper you already have, or you can choose from the wide range we have available

We paint , varnish Interiors, Walls, Ceilings, Doors, Floors, Skirtings, anything you require. Exteriors too, including garage doors, walls,outhouses, etc.

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  Diy?   or not?

Do you have all the right equipment? You may be tempted into some DIY for your decorating jobs, but do you really have the time? Can you get a professional finish? You may find you are in need of a painter and decorator to get the jobs done around your house.


Whether you are going for a completely new look thoughout the house,  a fresh coat of paint to freshen up and protect the old look, or need just one room redecorated, let us do it for you.

  Eco decorating


Legislation has recognised that levels of toxic chemicals in paints can be damaging to health. The World Health Org described decorating as a carcinogenic occupation. It's also suggested paint can affect people after its application. Ever had that headache feeling when sleeping in a newly painted room?  Solvent free paints eliminates the smell which lingers after painting which can affect people with allergies and chemical sensitivities.


More paint manufacturers are developing paints that are more healthy for our bodies and the environment. It is thought, the use of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and solvents contribute to global warming


Eco paints contain no or just a few solvents and often use titanium dioxide instead, considered a safer alternative. Eco paints are applied the usual way but may take longer to dry. Generally plant based water borne paints are the best choice.



The production of wallpaper can be harm the earth. So choose eco wallpaper if you want  to create a home harmonious with your green eco friendly ideals.


Manufacturers now produce wallpapers printed on recycled paper with environmentally friendly inks. If they do not use recycled paper they also use managed sources of paper, which means a tree is planted for each one which is cut down. Other options are those made from organic cotton, woven grasses, raffia, cork, bamboo, although these are more expensive than traditional wallcoverings, but are 100% environmentally friendly.


Non-toxic wallpaper paste should be used if you want to embrace a modern eco home.



Find out more about paints and the environment here   www.dulux.co.uk/environment

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